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November 15, 2016

I would never have thought it would be so difficult to find wool for Adam to wear underneath, but after having been in all the stores that sell kids stuff in Frederiksberg Centret without any luck yesterday, I was happy to find Purebaby quite close by that still had a few pieces left in Adam's size. I got him a body from Engel and I also bought a really soft body in cotton from Serendipity - love those thick wool leggings from Selena too - might need to come back for those.

We love our pieces from Minimalisma - Adam wears the leggings all the time and we need to stock up on a couple more of these and also the matching blouse. I found a good selection at Little Columbine, who also have some Cosilana pieces.

I've not have any luck finding the black Marmar leggins in merino wool in Adam's size, but they are so nice. Wheat also have a good selection of wool pieces that I really like.

So it's maybe not that impossible to find wool for the kids if you just check the many online kids shops. But from now on I know I need to stock up as soon as we meet fall, because these pieces get sold out so fast.
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