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December 4, 2016

home wishes

I'm trying to add more dark pieces to our home. I used to be all about white, but I think blacks and greys add depth and warmth. Especially if paired with brass and wood. I used to have black and white in my old home, but I got tired of the monochrome look. Adding different tones of blacks and greys and also some wood and wicker warms up everything and I think it's a combo I'll stick to. I'm even changing Adam's room to darker tones - I'm so tired of the pastels you see everywhere in kids rooms. Dark is so much more magical.

Today I found myself shopping at Ellos again...Adam was taking his nap, so I had some time to browse and bought that chalk board house for Adam's room. Also added the linen pillow and dish towels to my order. The dark grey linen tablecloth is out of stock, so waiting for it to be back in stock, so I can order it.

If you use code 345403 you'll get 30% off the most expensive piece in your order- the offer is valid until the 30th of December.
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