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December 1, 2016
...that is the hardest for me. I'm sure other reverts can relate...I've grown up celebrating christmas, not in a religious way, but as a tradition and it was always my favourite time of year, as it is for so many other people too.

The cosiness of December with all the lights and decorations and the time that family come together more than any other time of the year, is what I love so much about christmas time. Since I reverted several years ago it's not the same, as we as muslims don't celebrate christmas. I'll say I'm pretty relaxed about it though - I spend time finding gifts for my mum and grandma, because it means so much to them. Now that Adam is older he can start making them gifts too.

I also make a winter decoration every year and I'll do small cosy changes to the decor - we'll not have elfs and a christmas tree in the house, but I still try to make it cosy and have candles around to have lit in the dark hours - which is pretty much most of the time...

No matter your religion it's a dark time of the year and there's no harm in making it just a little more cosy. Adam and I will also be baking snowflake cookies one of the coming weekends. I think we can take so much from each other.

Brands like Day Home make very ethnic christmas ornaments and lanterns that can also be used during Ramadan to decorate the home. All the different star ornaments too. I'm also making Adam a calendar for every day in Ramadan next year, with a gift for every year - that's a tradition I loved when I was growing up and I'm sure he'll love it too - there'll even be more gifts than the 24 I had in my calendar as a child, since Ramadan is normally is around 30 days.

So even though this month is a tough one for me, I still try to make it a cosy one even though we don't celebrate. But hey I haven't met anyone, who doesn't love this festive season, no matter their beliefs...

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