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January 9, 2017

There's nothing like new bedding - especially if it's buttery soft. I think I've never felt anything this soft before. It's from Grampa Paris and made from jersey cotton from Peru. I wish it came in adult size too, because it's so soft - on the other hand I don't think I'd ever want to get out of bed...

The crocodile Balthazar is also made from the same fabric and Adam loves it. He's been running around with it and plays he uses it to bite us or we'll run after him with it. This one also has hooks on one side, so you can hang it up on the wall or the cot. They make different animals and shapes in all kinds of colours. - Might to get a few more, because they really are great.

The little pouch is also from the brand and they come with all the different letters, so you can choose one that fits your kid's name. It's absolutely perfect for the area I'm doing for Adam in our bedroom and very classic. Can be used for so many things.

Btw we got a new home - finally! Will share a first picture of the living room tomorrow. So exited to start decorating.

1 comment on "GRAMPA PARIS..."
  1. This is perfect for the kid's decor ideas and people can have the ideas too. Thank you so much for posting such great ideas for us. Keep it going.