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January 11, 2017

We finally found a home and it all went really quick - within a week, we'd signed the papers, got the keys and packed and moved in the same day the 23rd of December and left for holiday the 24th.

We're basically starting from scratch, since we almost didn't have any furniture. You'd think it would be easy to start decorating, but it really isn't and I already made some purchases that I regret...

I went from thinking I'd do dark colours, but my husband really disagreed. Now that I've had time to think of it we're going with a palette of black, white, natural and brown and a mix of old, new and ethnic. The style I always seem to return to and that I feel makes me want to be creative.

I do not like pieces that you can find everywhere and in fact all these furniture we have so far, I've found preloved. Now looking for Turkish kelims for under the dining room table and for the kitchen. Will keep you updated with the progress and show you the rest of the home, when we're more settled. 
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