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April 15, 2017

WE'RE slowly adding more and more pieces to our home decor. For me it really takes time to decorate our home, since I don't like to make hasty decisions and I also want to decorate in a very personal style, which means lots of trips to flea markets to find special pieces.

Our style at home is a mix of Nordic and ethnic - a bohemian, Nordic home in neutrals like white, cream, brown and black. I totally got rid of all grey, since I'm so done with grey after seeing it everywhere.

I recently found a small Moroccan table at a flea market that is perfect for the living room. For the time being this small table is all we need as a coffee table, since we sit and play on our soft Beni Ourain rug, so having a "normal" coffee table would just be in the way.

Our decor is also a mix of flea market finds and new pieces from brands like Birger1962 and Day Home. The ceiling lamp is new from Day Home - found it at Ellos. I'll probably change it to hang over the dining table, since I feel we need a larger piece there instead of our small chandelier, so I'll share more pictures of it soon.

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