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nordic summer house in white and greys

June 6, 2017

I feel that I've been totally stuck in decorating our home - I was adding too many ethnic things and not sticking to my style. I was thinking to either add colour and make a boho style home, or keep with black and white. I've been browsing Pinterest for some inspiration and I've come to the conclusion to keep it classic, but getting rid of most of the black to soften it up and going with white, cream, light grey, wood and keeping only a few blacks.

I think this colour scale will be great both in summer and winter, because in summer you like the more bright and more colourful and in winter the more dark. So going with the classic look, which I've always loved is the direction I want to go. If you just look at your closet you'll find out which direction to go and my style is neither edgy or boho - it's mostly classic. With the neutral palette you can add a bit of colour using pillows and flowers in summer and darken it up in winter.

I'm thinking doing 20-30's, French, Nordic and a few ethnic touches - mix it all up. Doing something too ethnic will not be interesting for long - at least for me - but a few pieces will go well with the classic look. To get this kind of look we can keep most of the things we have - we still need a lot of pieces like pictures etc. since all our walls are empty, but it's going to be a lot less work and cost a lot less.

I can't wait for my next Saturday trip to our local flea market for look for old French pieces and beautiful old ceramics. I'm very inspired by Othilia Thalund's home - it is a summer house, but the look and feel is very much the style I'm going for. Classic and timeless.

Source: Elle Denmark

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