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June 23, 2017

it's that time of the's sale time! I used to be a really bad shopper especially during sales, but since I started doing a capsule wardrobe last summer and trying to keep with it I haven't been buying that much. Now when I go out shopping I'll think twice about if I 1. need it and 2. if it goes with the other items in my closet and to be honest I now often leave the shop without buying anything at all.

Last year when I decided to start building a capsule wardrobe, I was left with almost all black in my closet and I bought a fair amount of expensive pieces in the sales, thinking expensive pieces would mean I needed less and that the quality would be better than the high street. I've then learned that it's better to only buy high street clothes, because my style changes as I change as a person, so those high end pieces I bought last summer is now all for sale - and there's a fair amount of money spent on clothes I don't like and I hate the feeling to have thrown money out the window...also expensive pieces aren't always better quality. My items from Cos are the ones I've had the longest and they still look like new.

I know doing a capsule wardrobe and sticking to it is a learning experience and I've made my mistakes, but I'm still loving having fewer pieces in my closet, saving money and spending time doing other things than shopping, so I'm not planning to let it go. I'll not be one of those "you can only have 37 pieces - is it 37? - in your wardrobe", but I don't think my wardrobe holds more than 50-60 pieces for each season. I do a winter and a summer capsule and that's it and a lot of the items I'll wear both seasons too. My summer wardrobe is the largest and I'll wear some of the summer pieces with a knit in winter. In winter a lot of the items in my closet are sweaters and cardigans.

That being said I still love sale shopping and I'll go for classic pieces that I can wear into next season. Like the wool coat - I'll wear it into fall and it's such a nice camel colour- not too warm. I bought the black trousers in white before the sales and they are SO nice - the fabric is thick and I love the fit.

I only have 2 or 3 bags and I always only carry the one - my Balenciaga City, since it's a crossover and it fits all I need. I can't remember the last time I bought a bag - let alone one from the high street, but this one was standing alone in Zara surrounded by fluorescent shoes and I loved the colour and the fact that it can be worn as a crossover bag, which is a must when you have a child and need your hands free.

So will I shop for anything else? yes, I'm looking for a pair of brown leather sandals to go with my light summer wardrobe, since the ones I own are all black. And if I see a nice knit and it's a classic that I can wear all year round I'll be pretty easy to persuade - I have a thing for knits you know...
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