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July 13, 2017
adding books to your decor adds warmth and a homey feel. Having beautiful coffee table books that are inspirational in stacks or displayed around the home is something that I'm lacking in our own home. Besides my husbands law books we only have a couple of coffee table book and I'm looking to add more to my collection.

Books are always a great idea as a gift too - especially coffee table books, since they are not only a source of inspiration, but also a decor piece. My biggest interests have to do with the home; decor, art, garden and travel and above you'll see some of the books I have on my wishlist.

1/ KINFOLK HOME - I love the Slow Living concept and the Kinfolk books are filled with inspiration.
2/ MOVE AND WORK - I love Malene Birger's universe and have both her decor books already. Be inspired by her maximalistic homes.
3/ LUXURIOUS MINIMALISM - two words that sounds great to me - filled with minimalist interiors from all over the world.
4/ SCANDINAVIA DREAMING - nothing like beautiful pictures of Scandinavian decor.
5/ PLAIN SIMPLE USEFUL - love the idea of easy living and making a timeless and cosy home.
6/ BOOK OF PALMS - a catalogue of different palms.
7/ PARISIAN INTERIORS - anything Parisian is always a hit.
8/ LIVING IN STYLE SCANDINAVIA - filled with pictures of Scandinavian interiors.
9/ LIVING IN MOROCCO - I've always loved anything Moroccan though I haven't been yet, but I'll dream away with this book.
10/ MONOCHROME HOME - decorating in white and black will always be timeless.
11/ SECRET IMAGES PICASSO - anything Picasso to inspire my love for art.
12/ PERFECT IMPERFECT - got me at the title...

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