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September 13, 2017
DRESS / babe & tess HAIR CLIP / kanel BOOTS / birds of nature TIGHTS / collegien
DRESS / bonton SCARF / repose ams CARDIGAN / repose ams WELLIES / bisgaard
CARDIGAN / bonet et bonet TROUSERS / bonton SHIRT / caramel BOOTS / bisgaard

BLOUSE / caramel CARDIGAN / bonton SKIRT / bonton SOCKS / limonade
SWEATER / caramel GLOVES / petit nord HAT / repose ams TROUSERS / caramel

CARDIGAN / bonton BLOUSE / zara TROUSERS / bonton SOCKS / bonton
HEADBAND / bonton OVERALL / h&m JACKET / repose ams BOOTS / bisgaard

so after I did a fall dressing posts for boys, I got some requests on Instagram to do one for girls too. There's so many cute pieces for girls, and I had a little time on my hands, so I put together a post for you. This is how I'd like to dress my girl, if I had one...

If you look at the boys posts, you'll notice that a lot of the items are the same. I love unisex clothes, but of course there's a couple of more girly pieces too. The colours are still neutral and easy to mix at match.

Hope you'll be inspired to shop for your little girl...
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