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October 10, 2017

SWEATER / caramel // SHIRT / bonton // GLOVES / bonton // TROUSERS / caramel
SHIRT / caramel // BLOUSE / babe and tess for limonade // TROUSERS / caramel // BOOTS / pepe

It's not that long ago that I did a inspirational post about baby boy fall dressing, but I keep finding  new pieces that I would like to add to my little man's small wardrobe. He really has very little in his wardrobe and I always think long and hard before buying anything new. Adam's wardrobe actually fits into just one drawer and everything can be mixed and matched into several outfits. Just these pieces here will easily make 10 different looks...

When buying anything for him I always think about quality. I especially love Caramel and Bonton - in my opinion both brands make such classic and comfy clothes that you'll want to keep and pass down rather than selling it, once they grow out of it.

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