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November 6, 2017


there's nothing I love shopping for more than decor - oh yeah maybe clothing shopping for Adam...but I would choose a nice piece for the home over any item of clothing for myself and let's face it, fashion change so often anyway, so buying new pieces for the home is a better way to spend your money. Especially if you buy timeless pieces.

My style in decor has changed to a somewhat softer and more classic one - I would describe it Nordic French. We still have a lot to do in our home in terms of decorating. I don't want to fill the space with things, but keep it rather minimal. However, we are in need of a coffee table, so I've been looking through magazines and Pinterest for inspiration. We also need some kind of closed storage to hide things like Adam's board games and other toys we don't want out all the time. - Something quite classic. Might search Ikea for options.

Above are some of the decor pieces on my wishlist that I love. All classics if you ask me. 

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