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little winter wardrobe update...

November 14, 2017

uuuhhh it's getting colder by the day and no going out without gloves and a warm coat now. I've been at home with a terrible cough for over a week and I hear that a lot of people have the flu at the moment, so definitely remember to dress warm!

I've been looking online for small updates for the little one's wardrobe. - I seem to spend every penny on him (if you're a mom you might relate)...

Adam takes off his hat all the time. Every day when I go across the street to pick him up from Kindergarten, he's thrown it somewhere on the playground and we'll run around looking for it. - or more like I'll be running around searching, while he takes another spin on a bike and happy that he can stay another 5 minutes...
I'm thinking of buying him this one from Frilo, which is not too easy to take off and it is also perfect for under his helmet, when he sits on the back of my bike. Same story with his gloves, so I'm thinking getting him those from Bonton, which he will not be able to throw anywhere.

I bought him the Caramel sweater in both cream and grey and they've become a favourite. I just love the cut and I really like to get him the matching leggings too. If I had to just buy him one set it would be this.

He jumped a size in shoes really fast, so I have had to buy him some new pairs. I found some really cute shoes with wool lining on discount at my favourite children's shop, but he'll probably need a pair of new warm boots soon too and these from Pepe are perfect.
Luckily he still fits into his snowsuit from last year (hoping he will until the sales start at least). I recently bought him a Burberry duffle that I found preloved. I also love this one from Cos, which is quite classic too. 
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  1. Wao so trendy and comfy attire.I was looking for such apparels online as its really getting colder day by day and see your blog came up with fabulous stuff.I am seriously looking to get this all.Thanks.