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spring shopping in the winter sale...

January 6, 2018

When I shop it's almost always for Adam, but I thought it was time to do some shopping for myself. And what better time to do so than during the sales. When I'm sale shopping I always shop for the season ahead and not for next winter or summer. I think it's easier to find nice pieces in the summer sale, but did find some really nice pieces that are perfect for spring here in the winter sale -all from my favourite high street brands.

I bought the blazer and the white trousers a while ago, but wanted to include them, since they are both on sale. They will also be part of my capsule wardrobe for spring and summer. Zara is my favourite high street shop. You can really find some great pieces there and I love how they'll reduce the prices almost every week during the sales, which means you can do a really good bargain. I bought the leather shoes at the end of summer and I've worn them so much, so I bought a new pair of them here in the sales.

&other stories is a hit or miss for me - actually often a miss - but I found the two knits, while I went browsing and I know they'll be favourites in the coming season. I also found the seersucker shirt from Cos that I missed out on last summer. Cos is a favourite of mine for shirts.

I didn't buy the Mango pieces yet, since I really prefer shopping in the actual shops than online - or at least see the pieces in real life before ordering online. We don't have Mango in Denmark - yes, they need to open in Copenhagen for sure!- and I hate returning things by post...I especially love their committed line and they make great leather shoes too, so I might just need to start shopping for Mango online...

The flower print pieces are really a surprising pick for me, since I have never owned anything with flowers - or any other print really. But I really like the romantic feel to them and with a pair of jeans and white trainers in spring they'll not be too girly. I'm also trying to add a little colour to my wardrobe - not loud colours - but subtle pastels and neutrals - just a little to spice up my wardrobe a tad.

I've linked to all the pieces and though they might be sold out online, there's still a chance you'll find them in the shops. Did you find anything good in the sales?
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