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THE NEW LOOK - Birger1962...

January 7, 2018

I've admired Malene Birger's creative mind for years and years. I love to see how her interior style has evolved, from her Nordic, 20's French style with Indian and Moroccan touches, to more 70's chic that's even more ethnic and African. All her homes has her signature maximalistic look that's always under control - something that she might be the only one capable of doing this good! She stays true to her style and doesn't really follow trends - she makes them and I love her for that. 
 It's been three years since Malene Birger launched her first Birger1962 decor collection - a mix of 70's and African inspired pieces in blacks, whites and creams also with hints of turquoise. - See pictures from that collection here. I loved every piece from that collection and the pieces I have from that collection are still favourites in our home. 
 This spring she'll launch THE NEW LOOK - her decor spring 2018 line and she'll also open a showroom in Copenhagen in April. The new collection really show's off the brand's DNA - browns, blacks, creams, stripes and a surprising fresh yellow. The pieces are still ethnic inspired, but not as African as the previous collection - it's more glamorous like a beautiful hotel. Even just a few of the pieces will lift your decor to a more luxe looking space.
A few of the items from the 2014 collection is relaunched, like the beautiful Istanbul lamp, which is so beautiful. I love the cabinets that comes in different sizes and the new London lamp, the striped bedding, the ethnic plates and cups, the different pillows...yeah you get the point. I really like it a lot. 

2 comments on "THE NEW LOOK - Birger1962..."
  1. Absolutely stunning collection - event though I love minimalistic interiors this one somehow is so pleasing o the eye. Thank you for a nice deign lesson! <3

    With kindness,

    1. even just a couple of pieces from this collection will make your interiors look a little more luxe and a little more exotic. Need to save up for the launch of this